GNU Emacs - part 2
Aoi Koizumi (古泉 あおい)

So basically after a week or something, I've mostly adapted myself to it *and* the reverse thing as well, because why not. There's a couple issues I found while at it, for instance, I can't really seem able to use any instant messaging mode in Emacs (like, literally) because they are either dead, or well maintained but don't fit with my use cases: e.g. * jabber.el is definitely dead and hardly usable * while Circe|ERC|rcirc don't quite cooperate with my bouncer for some reason * telega.el is usable but I'm yet unable to make it work right * ement.el can't really be installed easily due to not being on any ELPA (not even MELPA)

and when it comes to editing, I wasn't able to edit Makefiles of any kind, even though there already are built-in modes, they have no indentation at all, which often forces me to use kakoune or micro because their support is at least decent.

I've also been trying 'use-package' but it turned out to be rather terrible, but someone else today recommended 'leaf' to me and it worked pretty well.

Well, I think that's kinda it, for now....

-- snip --

I have made some progress on this whole thing, as I managed to get telega.el working fine (using the one from MELPA Stable) and ement.el without any issues. I guess I'll eventually have to figure out this whole makefiles stuff on emacs...