Tinkering with Oddmuse
Aoi K.

I've grown tired of using Hugo for the KyokoNet Wiki (from now on, KyokoWiki) because it's like using a tool for the wrong job, imho. Once I ditched it, I started experimenting with various wiki software on my server (one was a total failure, the other wasn't something worth the effort) so I stuck with Oddmuse, which was forked from UseModWiki.

Setting it up was no big deal, although on the first try it had well, literally nothing, and the files were stored on /tmp. After half and hour or something of figuring it out, I ended up hardcoding the data directory location on wiki.pl and granting access to the 'www' user, since that's slowcgi's default user at runtime. Styling it was no big deal at all and installing modules is painless.

This is how it looks as of right now: https://i.kalli.st/Kogsp.jpg

I've moved everything I had on the old wiki to KyokoWiki, and it looks beautiful.