Computer fire (not to take literally)
Aoi Koizumi (古泉 あおい)

Just yesterday I had to perform a re-installation of FreeBSD even though I'd ideally was not supposed to do that. Why though? Here's why:

>> After uninstalling LXDE on my computer, I went to install XFCE from the package repositories, it apparently went fine until I realized late that it didn't.

- I replaced startlxde with startxfce4 on my .xinitrc - I've tried to run 'startx', but guess what, it took the whole system down

*boots up the computer again*

I still had pekwm around so I put it again on said file, and somehow worked okay until, *boom!*, another crash.

*boots up the computer yet again*

I made sure to disable the kernel mode setting drivers on rc.conf, and rebooted, as that was the first cause of crashing.

Then I tried to uninstall xfce, another crash, then the computer rebooted by itself.

I went to a single user shell, mounted '/' as R/W, ran fsck on it, hoping for it to actually do something, and it finished.

Well, tried to uninstall the remaining packages and it lead to another crash. Turns out the filesystem itself got corrupted really badly (at least my home directory wasn't affected, nor the base system either) that it'd crash after trying to well, do anything on /usr/local basically.

I lived on a temporary NomadBSD setup on my flash drive for a couple days that I had set up shortly after I downloaded it.

Then I've downloaded GhostBSD yesterday, just after I uploaded a whole backup of my home directory to a remote host. <<

Lesson learned I guess? Only time will tell....