Profanity IM client went insane
Aoi Koizumi

Alright so something literally unexpected and beyond annoying, granted Profanity often becomes annoying everyday as usual, but this is just like.... really cursed.

I only recently started sort of self-hosting my own Prosody server, until there all good, I promoted the account to owner in my room with my main account, until today it SOMEHOW got bugged hard, when I tried to join my room with the main account, I got this:

> Error joining room nova-casual-chat@conference.honeypot.im, reason: > conflict

This should not really happen in any way possible, but yet it did, and I disconnected from said account on the client. I reconnected again, I got said error although the other bunch of rooms I'm in went fine, the client hit the fan and commited suicide. I was already fed up with this client, but now this is over, I might consider switching to my own BitlBee instance and using Weechat, or maybe use another decent TUI client, I don't know nor I am sure, but I guess I'll have to do it.