Golang and desktop wrappers to web apps
Aoi Koizumi
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I've been experimenting with the webview[1] library in Golang to test a couple things yesterday, and because I had nothing good else to do, or something. The whole thing at least on *nix systems is that it seems to use webkit2gtk, while on macOS it's safari's webkit, and that it's mostly written in C/C++ with bindings for other languages, instead of only JavaScript like Electron.js does, sort of. So far here's what I did yesterday.

Cinny (yet another web client for Matrix)

Did not crash or get disconnected as far I kept it running for a couple hours.

Code: https://git.envs.net/novaburst/cinny-desktop-webkit

SchildiChat (element-based client)

This is a rather heavy thing, which of course it works perfectly on say, G**gle Chrom|e|ium obviously, and I even expected it to crash the webview, but to my surprise, it only ran a little slow, but otherwise worked fine.

Telegram Web X

I get instantly disconnected from it, and runs slow-ish as well, because it's too fancy (i'd say extremely) and I don't really like fancy stuff if it is hardly useful.

[1]: <https://github.com/webview/webview>