The taming of the puffer fish (alternatively, OpenBSD training)
Aoi Koizumi (古泉 あおい)

Yesterday after a talk with a staff member of IRCNow[1], I joined their training course about OpenBSD, and got a lil' box for said purpose. So far i'm enjoying it while doing the lessons on the Bootcamp[2] which I've been reading for a while now. I try not to force myself in doing them, so I do those at my own pace. This blog post will be updated accordingly to show my progress.

[1]: <https://ircnow.org> [2]: <https://wiki.ircnow.org/?n=Minutemin.Bootcamp>

Main quests

* Install: mosh * Install: vim * Install: ngircd * Configure: ngircd * Configure: login classes * Configure: httpd(1) * Configure: acme-client(1) * Requested TLS certificates with the aforementioned programs. * Set up: SlowCGI * Set up: Perl in httpd(1) chroot * Set up: PHP with php74-fpm * Set up: PmWiki * Set up: Multi-user httpd(1) * Skip: ngircd(1) ssl * Skip: ngircd(1) linking * Install: hopm * Configure: hopm (didn't go well) * Skip: anope (due to core dump) * Set up: relayd(8) * Set up: pf(4) * Skip: unbound(8) * Skip: nsd(8) * Skip: custom vhost * Skip: Oidentd (i'm not sure why I'd need this) * Skip: E-mail (i'm not quite ready) * Skip: botnow (barely have any use for this) * Set up: got server * Set up: Tor hidden services * Set up: Public key authentication for SSH * Set up: Disable root login for SSH * Set up: Disable password login for SSH * Set up: File sharing with sftp (I failed)


* Install and configure atheme * Install and configure bahamut ircd * Install and configure nginx * Install and configure prosody * Install and configure soju * Install and configure yarnd * Etc


Finished the training and joined the shelltalk.net team a couple of weeks or something ago, booyah!


This is just merely a recap, I used to have a full log on an Org file, which I lost after fighting with my computer.