Leaving ActivityPub
Aoi Koizumi

I've grown tired of all this Fediverse/ActivityPub fad for mainly technical reasons, the obvious one being the obvious fact that after all, they are clones of the corporate social media, as their appearance suggests, and because they're difficult to self-host in any way, due to the abuse of web technologies, for example, many JavaScript frameworks, or Python, or whatever. It's literal madness, even the available clients and alternative frontends abuse of that, which means, why in the name of hell even bother with all this? I've chose better and saner alternatives to Fediverse, in most ways possible, like E-mail, IRC, RSS feeds, Yarn.social (twtxt), and XMPP, which satisfy my needs in some way or another, and do their job well.

I'll finish this post with this sentence: "Yes, my microblog is just a darn text file on some server on the Internet, and what about it?"

[The Fediverse - The illusion of community and the beginning of its new normal]: <https://i2p.rocks/blog/the-fediverse-the-illusion-of-community-and-the-beginning-of-its-new-normal.html>


I'll spare three accounts from the whole thing, everything else will be deleted. I might figure out something for those three, maybe...


Ended up with two, hah. At least for all I care they work on webkitgtk browsers so they _shouldn't_ be an issue.