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So between yesterday and today I improved Logarion's html parser despite me not really knowing OCaml , and I got it to generate valid HTML 4.01 Strict , instead of HTML5. At least just for the index page, but not the articles and/or topics of the site.

I could write also one for XHTML based on that parser , though it may require some additional details to get done. (a lot)

I currently use my personal branch of the code, which somehow works flawlessly (as of yet). I sent the link to Logarion's main developer to check it out, and wait if it gets merged into upstream. My personal branch is located on SourceHut, under the same license as upstream code , and it's pretty much usable.

* Update #1 : I ended up giving up on HTML4.01 for this one, though I've continued the work on HTML5 instead. * Update #2 : My changes made were merged , and probably will be part of the next stable release of Logarion. * Update #3 : For creating websites from scratch I'll always prefer using XHTML 1.1 * Update #4 : The current branch is named 'mirror' in reference to this blog * Update #5 : My repository no longer exists, although I still contribute to Logarion whenever I can.