Gemini clients review

Amfora [console]

Not gonna lie, besides from AV-98 and Bombadillo it's a really (really) good client , even though it supports just Gemini haha, but well the post title's says it's specific to that right?

AV-98 [console]

I have no words for this *awesome* Gemini client , I tried it out today on gemini.circumlunar.space's kiosk , and it's just fucking nice.

Bombadillo [console]

Same as above , but also has Vim-like keybindings and it's written in Go. Just like Amfora , but also supports the Gopher protocol.

Castor [graphical]

Unironically the first Gemini client I ever tried, compiling it from source was a fucking pain from the very start, because it's written in Rust, and the UI in general is meh, so I'd probably won't touch it again. It even crashed my laptop once on runtime.

Diohsc [console]

I tried out this console client written in Haskell since 2021-06-22. It took me a while to build from source though. I've yet to get used to it but overall it's really nice. I've even made an APKBUILD for it, and it also works just fine (Update: it doesn't work anymore).

Fafi [graphical]

I've found this client written in Racket (looks like a Lisp or a Scheme per its website) which is well, okay-ish, aside from the fact it looked so off with my setup because I don't have any GTK+ themes (it uses GTK+2 to my surprise)

Fossil [graphical]

This client is a fork of the well-known Dragonstone by the koyu.space folks , it's also as awesome as Lagrange , and supports the Finger protocol as well. Its name may be confusing to some because there is a version control system software of the same name.

Kristall [graphical]

This is by far, after Lagrange of course, one of the best graphical Gemini (and Gopher) clients out there. I used to use it on my current host and it's really good, I can even customize the style of the pages and such. It also supports HTTP (but with less feature set because the current status of the WWW itself is just insane)

Lagrange [graphical]

Lives up to its slogan, it's awesomeness knows no end. I had it installed on my host but apparently Alpine's upstream package has issues so building from source is the only option, though the version I self-built myself did work. Weird isn't it? haha

Update #1: Updated the post a bit, added another client. Also haven't edited this in a heck of a long time, lol.