Hot takes on anything

* OCaml as a programming language is not as cursed Rust is

* Rust's portability is so horrible that it doesn't even run on an Arduino board

* Rust is better than C++ but it's worse than C

* Rust's Cargo package manager is just as cursed as Node.js's NPM is

* Even Go is better than Rust

* Bootstrapping an OCaml toolchain is not too hard , or even a C or a Go one , when compared to Rust

* Using CMake on small projects is cursed

* Using CMake for bigger projects is even more cursed ~ metalune

* Bitbucket beats GitLab in uselessness

* Soydevs should get an actual job outside of computing

* Matrix is the best example of Suck in the instant messaging field

* Do you consider Windows as an insult to Computer users? ~ tronprogram

* Come back when it runs on POSIX ~ caskd

* C# is what happens when some kid learns java then looks at C and thinks "I can fix this" ~ Baobab

* Rust is the HTML5 of programming languages, as it lacks portability and a specification.

* Cryptocurrency it's only useful to those with money. ~ https://koyu.space/@Einhjeriar

* The idea of DeltaChat is good but the implementations are cursed

* JS programmers should not be called programmer as a sign of respect to other programmers ~ qorg11

* Don't rewrite $perfectly_functioning_program in Rust ~ shokara

* C# is like having Java and C++ combined but only leaving the bad parts. ~ shokara

* dude my phone is less spyware because it doesn't have an i in front of the name ~ Swim

* microsoft cant even use their own operating system to host their infrastructure ~ Diego

* GTK+3.0 is a theming nightmare

* It's like a fallacious thought that newer thing must have improvements. ~ ibn-Hajr

* Eyy I feel like being a conspiracist everytime bring up about things against the trend ~ PGP[x][m][p][p]

* Why does my keyboard keep suggesting the n word? ~ SLF[xmpp]

* I'm not using matrix because a lot of people use matrix ~ Baobab

* Rust is a decent C++ replacement if you have the same goals as C++, but if you don’t, the design has very similar drawbacks ~ https://drewdevault.com