Raspberry Pi Speedrun (PiTop testing 2)
Aoi Koizumi

I've recently got a microSD card for my PiTop and once again started fucking up the board with a variety of distros/operating systems, often returning to Raspbian since every other system broke or didn't work well on its own ways. For instance, I've first tried FreeBSD and turns out it doesn't support the onboard Wi-Fi module because of Broadcom straight up not supporting *BSD. Later I've managed to install Alpine Linux on it, but my user shell broke[1] after a couple updates, then afterwards I reinstalled it, same result. Then I went with Arch Linux ARM, it was a big nope, since I don't have neither a serial console nor Ethernet connection, thus frustrating me on getting it to work. I have put Raspbian on it again, which lasted for a couple days until I fucked it up (whether it was on purpose or not is yet unknown). Today I sort of installed Void Linux on it, but it became useless after an update that had to be done anyway which made the Wi-Fi go poof. Once again I tried Arch Linux ARM, this time with cmdline.txt tricks, big nope anyway. Up next is OpenSUSE Leap, I'll see how it comes...

[1]: Permission denied for literally anything but busybox.

-- snip --

Shoot, OpenSUSE showed the bootloader menu just fine, but then everything went moot, so I guess I'll just give up on the whole thing and put Raspbian yet again, although not the one with the desktop, as I plan to repurpose it as a tiny home server.

Damage caused to the microSD card: Any% (it's a miracle it didn't die after too much read/writes, lol)